Hall Rental Information

Hall Specs


  • Room dimensions are 46’9” by 28’
  • Occupancy 85-120 (approximate)
  • Theatre/lecture style with no tables: 120 persons (12 rows of
    10 chairs)
  • Sit down: 14 banquet tables w/6 per table = 85 persons
  • 10 round tables will fit in room, but you must supply the tables


  • 100 Total (Must be put away in closet when finished)


  • 15 Total (6 foot) Gray, hard plastic tables (No round tables available)


  • 6 burner stove with oven & griddle area (We do not leave the pilot lights on for the griddle. If you do light them, you MUST turn them off when you leave or your deposit will be forfeited. This is a safety hazard.)
  • Refrigerator: (DO NOT OVERLOAD the shelves in the fridge or freezer and do not put sodas in the freezer. The contents of both have been inventoried and are not to be used or removed. Your deposit will be adjusted accordingly if items are missing or ruined.)


  • Brooms & Mops (You supply your own cleaning supplies)
  • Floors must be swept, cleaned & mopped. This includes the kitchen, front entry, and bathrooms.
  • Tables and chairs are to be cleaned and NOT STICKY. Remove all tape, decorations, and tacks. Etc. Make sure there is no GUM or CANDLE WAX.
  • Coffee Pot must be cleaned with soap and water.


  • Only the SMALL dumpster located behind the building is available for your event trash.
  • Empty trashcans when you are finished. Put new trash bags in when you empty them. (New bags are in the utility closet.)
  • Check the plants to be sure they are free from garbage.
  • Ensure that the parking lots are free from any debris and garbage.

Air Conditioner / Heater

  • Be sure the air conditioner / heater is turned off when you leave.


  • If there are a large number of flies in the building due to propping the doors open, please read the directions for proper use of the fly spray that is located under the single sink in the kitchen and use accordingly. DO NOT leave the building full of flies when you leave.

Damage / Theft / Security

  • If any part of the building, parking lot, and adjacent livestock areas are damaged or not found as they were left, your deposit will be adjusted accordingly or withheld entirely. Any excessive damage will result in a police report being filed. THE LIVESTOCK AREA IS COMPLETELY OFF LIMITS. TRESPASSERS WILL BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE.
  • All supplies and equipment have been inventoried prior to your arrival. You will be charged for items that are missing or damaged.
  • ALL doors must be closed and locked upon leaving. If any are found open, the security deposit is forfeited.
  • All lights, fans, stove, air conditioner/heater, electrical appliances, etc. are to be turned off upon leaving.