Ag Today January 10, 2017

Bay Area storms: Did all that rain make a difference?

Drenching storms Monday and Tuesday smashed Northern California’s unusually dry December weather pattern, dumping nearly half a foot of rain on the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Marin hills in 48 hours — with twice that much in Big Sur — and bringing many Bay Area cities their wettest day in at least a year.

“We’re back in a normal wintertime pattern right now. We’re full wintertime mode,” said Steve Anderson, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Monterey. “It’s not looking as bleak as it was in December.”

The forecast for the rest of this week calls for mostly sunny weather with temperatures in the 60s across the Bay Area into the weekend, but another storm, now brewing in the Gulf of Alaska, is forecast to arrive next Tuesday.

The persistent ridge of high pressure air off the Pacific Coast that had been blocking storms for more than a month finally broke down this week, and storms came barreling through.

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