Ag Today November 3, 2017

Paying the price at the pumps

HANFORD — Around lunchtime Thursday, cars began to pull into Buford Star Mart gas station and drivers began fueling up their cars. The only thing different about the normal, everyday scene was customers were paying 12 more cents to the gallon at the pump.

“A lot of us sometimes barely have enough money to put gas in our vehicles, and they’re just making it even more difficult,” said customer Andrew Nollan. “That 12 cents adds up every gallon.”

Senate Bill 1 was signed in April by Gov. Jerry Brown and increased the gas tax by 12 cents per gallon and diesel tax by 20 cents per gallon starting Wednesday. The bill also increased vehicle license and registration fees.

Nollan said he believes it’s not fair to the state’s residents to pay even more money on top of the already high gas prices.

“It’s ridiculous,” Nollan said. “What is California’s actual agenda behind this?”

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