December 2016

Happy holidays to everyone! This is the time of year that we all get to take a break from our work and the fields. We’ll spend some time with our loved ones, as they often are the ones that we do not get to see, except in passing, during the harvest season as we are wrapped up in the fields working long hours, but they understand and appreciate the sacrifices. The year came to an end quickly but, as I look back and weigh what we accomplished against the few things left unresolved, I believe we were successful. This year we awarded over $40,000.00, making our scholarship programs a success; it was enough money to award 9 students with multi-year scholarships. I look as this as a key investment for our future, perhaps someday these kids will come back to the community and give back. I am very appreciative that we can invest in the future of Ag. Additionally, MCFB sponsored 3 teachers to attend the annual Ag In the Classroom conference in September. At the conference, they learned how to incorporate agriculture in their curriculum, and show young kids what Ag is and how it works. We also provided grants to new Ag programs in a couple of our local schools, enabling them to get the things they need to start their own on-school farms. Those of you that know me, know how strongly I believe in supporting youth in Ag. I believe that if we can help educate, and show the youth what Ag does and how it operates, we can draw them to a great career in the agricultural field.

We are in great need of youth to step up and take over for the retiring ag workforce. Our membership grew this year, and as you all know growth is always a work in progress. Organizations are only as strong as their membership base is. I encourage you all to have your friends, family and neighbors join MCFB. The application process is simple and the benefits are huge. A new benefit rolled out by CFBF is that Nationwide Insurance is the new carrier for worker’s comp, available to Ag members. Please call our office or visit our website for more information on this great new opportunity.

As 2016 comes to an end and 2017 begins, we at MCFB look to do even more. I encourage everyone to engage with us; come to our safety meetings, seminars, and events as they happen throughout the upcoming months. May we all have a successful 2017.


May 2022