November 2016

Well, its official, the 2016 harvest for Madera County farmers has come to an end and we look to finishing all the year-end work that needs to be done before “HOPEFULLY” it rains and keeps us out of the fields. Just think, we’ll be doing it all over again in 2017! I would like for everyone to take a moment to reflect upon the year. Revel in the positive. Learn from the negative points how to be abreast of those issues moving forward. I have been told that as time goes by, it gets easier. As I reflect on this saying, I disagree. Even though the operational facet of farming has become easier, the regulatory side has become more complex. Let’s not focus on the bad, but rather highlight the positives.

As Farm Bureau wraps up its fiscal year, I would like to share that we have done quite a bit of work. We have worked very close with our local partners, Madera Irrigation District and Chowchilla Water District, to forge a stronger bond and to create better strategies in understanding and complying with SGMA. Noticeably, we have become more involved in our local communities. A key aspect, as we are all neighbors and friends regardless of our occupations. We all need to work towards a better understanding of our neighbors’ points of view. I would like to give a special thank you to all that attended our annual meeting and harvest celebration that was held on October 23 at the Chowchilla Fairgrounds. We had a great guest speaker and the event was well attended, which shows how strongly agriculture is supported in Madera county. Seven of our nine scholarship recipients were present and were given recognition by our Scholarship committee chairwoman, Michele Lasgoity. Also, we have great gratitude for the Chowchilla FFA program. We had numerous students come out and assist with setup, serving and the clean up after the event. I hope some of you got a chance to interact with them because they were awesome kids.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones.


May 2022