Laura’s Nuts

Laura's Nuts


What year did your Company/Business/Farm get started?

We officially launch 04/01/17.

What kinds of products/produce/merchandise do you sell/grow/distribute? What brands?

I grow pistachios and process them through Horizon Nuts, LLC.  Currently, the nuts are sold to a marketer that roasts and seasons them to fulfill their market. 

Who is the target audience for your Company/Business/Farm? For example: Children, Farmers, Dairymen, Low Income, Schools, Everyone, etc.

 Everyone. I want everyone to enjoy pistachios, not only for their health benefits but as a stress reliever; there’s something relaxing about cracking them open.

Are you part of a family owned business? Which family members help run the business?

Yes, I run my business with help from my husband and daughter.

What changes have you made in your business to stay up to date with current trends? For example: new products, today’s youth, the green movement, alternative sources of power, advertising strategy, etc.

No advertising yet, the biggest improvement that we are making is Bird guard (crow deterrent).

Also, with having to drill a new well, we are researching new types of filters/ medium to keep pump from clogging up.

Are you concerned with the water issues that we face in the Central Valley? What are your specific concerns?

I am concerned, specifically about the growers that are not represented by any water district, if they do not form their own GSA’s and water projects, they will be represented by the County. While we are in a wet year, it doesn’t matter as much; but we cannot be lax, you must continue fighting to be in charge. If the county oversees your water, its arbitrary as to whether you will get water or not, you may be forced to fallow your land.  

Length of Madera County Farm Bureau membership?

For 17 years, since 2000.